We did a Sharbade demonstration on Friday. It was so much fun and the Soldier with limited use of his legs was our best player!

Jennifer S., US Army, Ft. Sill, Oklahoma



Equipment is available for direct purchase from Mulry Manufacturing, LLC. Please contact us for more details regarding purchase options.

Scooters (Red or Blue)
Goal (Red or Blue)
Nets: White with Red or Blue Highlights
Caster (wheel & swivel)
Replacement Swivel #78 (no wheel)
Scooter Coupler with 3 Straps
26” Straps with hook/loop fasteners
52” Straps with hook/loop fasteners
50” Disabled Scooter Pad (Red or Blue)
24” Standard Scooter Pad (Red or Blue)
42" Scooter Stacking Straps, 4 high (Set of 2 h/l)
Standard Game Set
Includes 7 red scooters, 7 blue scooters, 2 goals, and 2 nets. Also includes full set of official rules and training DVD.

Shipping & handling cost not included in above pricing.