Sharbade has improved the upper-body strength and coordination of our students. Sharbade made them into better athletes.

Jeremy M., Receivers Coach, Manchester College

The Equipment

Scooters: Sharbade scooters are specifically designed to prevent tipping, provide maximum balance, and cradle players in place as they use their hands to move about the playing floor. Made from highly durable resin, the scooters are available in red and blue. The polyurethane wheels are mounted on swivel casters to allow optimum maneuverability at high speeds. Simply by adding the available connector and straps, two standard scooters can be joined to support the legs of a disabled player.

Ball: The Sharbade ball is made of a foam core with a rugged, tear-resistant coating. The ball is easy to grip and throw and has a very low bounce, allowing for ease of control and great playability when compared with available substitutes.

Goals: Two specialized goals are needed to play Sharbade. Our goals are deeper than a soccer goal, allowing the goalie to be positioned inside the net. Goals come in red or blue powder coated steel with white vinyl-coated nylon nets. Sharbade goals are designed to be both durable and easy and quick to assemble.

Our scooters, goals, nets and balls are made in the U.S.A.!