It’s not modified – I’m in the same game. I got out of my wheelchair, onto a scooter, adjusted my legs, and started playing.

Jeff B., Paraplegic Athlete


About the Game

Sharbade is a game played on specialized scooters and is a mixture of hockey, soccer, and basketball. The name is derived from
Shoulder Arm and Back Development- the parts of the body put to heaviest use in playing the game.

Participants use only their hands and arms for propulsion of a scooter on which they lie while playing the game.  A basketball court is typically used as the playing field. Each team has seven players on the floor at one time and another seven on the bench.  A maximum of 15 players can be on a team.

Players advance the ball either by passing to another player or by dribbling "Sharbade style". Kicking the ball is prohibited.  The object is to score by putting the ball into a goal protected by a goalie.  The goalie must lie on the scooter while protecting the goal and is not allowed to rise up off the scooter in goal-stop attempts.